Living Your Values at your Organization

October 12, 2018

In this episode we talk about the importance of Living Your Values as an individual and as a successful, servant led organization.  We give examples of the importance of developing a set a values in an organization and why those values should be in alignment with employee values.  Values are an essential building block for an organization, and can be used to inspire and motivate individuals. So take your values off the wall and put them into action.  We hope you enjoy this episode!


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Building and Extending Trust

October 4, 2018

The conversation today will explore some aspects of building trust in the workplace. We'll use an acronym for TRUST to help you understand the building process of trust. We address broken trust and how to repair it, as well as looking at ways you can extend trust to people you may not know.  

Overall points include:

  • Check yourself first
  • The importance of the pause
  • If you behave in a way that damages trust, you need to behave your way back. Just talking won’t work
  • Using the "Trust" acronym throughout your work day

We hope this podcast episode brings value to you. Enjoy!

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Servant Leadership Conference Archive: Bill Walton and Dick Enberg talk leadership

September 21, 2018

Welcome back to the Servant Leadership Institute Podcast. We have a special episode for you today. We went in our archives of past servant leadership conferences and pulled up a favorite presentation of ours.  During the 2014 Servant Leadership Conference we had the pleasure of hearing from the late great Sportscaster Dick Enberg and former Professional Basketball Player Bill Walton.  These two men exchange stories and words of wisdom relating to their views on leadership! We suggest a pen and pad of paper for this episode.  Enjoy!

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Discussing Courageous Conversations with Robin Swift and Carol Malinski

August 24, 2018

In today’s podcast we want to give you a practical example of how we might use the servant leadership behaviors in our day to day leadership.  Join Robin Swift, President of SLI and Carol Malinski, Director of Content and Curriculum as they discuss the process for having a courageous conversation as a servant leader. They will go through the process step by step and highlight the servant leadership behaviors that are useful as you work through the steps. Enjoy!

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An Overview of The Nine Behaviors of a Servant Leader with Carol Malinski & Robin Swift

August 13, 2018

In this Episode, Carol Malinski, Director of Content and Curriculum for SLI goes through the 9 behaviors of a servant leader along with Robin Swift, President of SLI.  They define and elaborate each behavior with clarifying details outlining ways to integrate these behaviors into your daily life both at work and at home. We hope you enjoy this episode.  

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Upside Down Leadership with Don Janssen

August 2, 2018

Welcome to the Servant Leadership Institute Podcast.  In this episode we enjoyed having Don Janssen back in the studio.  Don is the retired corporate director of animal health for the world renowned San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park.  Don led a team of veterinarians, nutritionists, technicians and hospital keepers seeing to the health of more than 7,000 animals.  Don is a passionate servant leader and also the author of a brand new book called Upside Down Leadership.  Listen in as Robin Swift, President of SLI and Carol Malinski, Content Director talk with Don about the book, his purpose in writing it and his journey to bring servant leadership into his team at the zoo. Throughout the book, Don tells stories of the zoo while giving us leadership lessons that are sure to inspire. You can purchase Upside Down Leadership at  

So get comfortable and join us to hear Don Janssen and Upside Down Leadership.


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Servant Leadership in Kenya with Peter Mulinge

May 25, 2018

We were privileged recently to have Peter Mulinge back in the studio.  Peter is a great friend of SLI and is the president of Transitional Leadership Development.  He is also a doctoral student in Gonzaga University’s servant leadership program.  Peter will tell us about his work in bringing servant leadership to his native country of Kenya and also share what he feels are two key tests of servant leadership, humility and patience.  Sit back and absorb his passion!

If you would like to learn more about this subject and how servant leadership can change you at the heart level, we recommend the SLI publication, Our Character At Work by Todd Hunter. Buy it here.

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Discussing The Art of Servant Leadership II with Art Barter

May 18, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Servant Leadership Institute Podcast.  This week SLI celebrated the launch of a new book called The Art of Servant Leadership II written by our founder and CEO, Art Barter.  As part of our launch activities, we presented a webinar featuring Art explaining some of the material presented in his new book.  This webinar, hosted by Weaving Influence, is packed with leadership wisdom from a man who has successfully implemented servant leadership and built thriving organizations focused on serving others first. Enjoy!

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Sitting in with Ken Blanchard

May 7, 2018

Join SLI president Robin Swift and Carol Malinski, SLI Director of Content as we listen to Ken Blanchard’s teaching at our 2018 Servant Leadership Conference.  Ken has been a contributor to our servant leadership conferences every year and there is always so much to learn from this world renowned teacher, author and Chief Spiritual Officer of the Ken Blanchard companies.  We know you will enjoy Ken’s wit and wisdom as he teaches us about servant leadership and calls us to action.  And we hope we can add value as we do the “color commentary” along the way.


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Manufacturing a Servant Led Environment

April 26, 2018

In this episode you’ll meet Tina Flores.  Tina is Director of Manufacturing at Datron World Communications and another one of our mid-level leaders using a servant leadership approach in an area of the business that must consistently achieve tangible results.  How Tina’s group achieves results is grounded in servant leadership.  You’ll benefit from hearing her story of integrating servant leadership to build a strong team – or as Tina would say, “a family”.