Training Leaders to Serve First with Jeanne McGuire

October 20, 2017

In this episode we have a conversation with Senior Consultant, Trainer, and Coach Jeanne McGuire.  Jeanne has been an integral part in the construction and developement of our servant leadership curriculum. Jeanne outlines the 3 common challenges an organization can have while integrating servant leadership into it's culture. Later, she outlines the solutions to these challenges. We round out our conversation with the question of "what makes a good leader?" and Jeanne's answer to this question is amazing with a particularly noteworthy quote that is sure to inspire you. Enjoy!


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Leading the Band from Where You Stand with Vicki Clark

October 12, 2017

For this episode, we are excited to bring you Vicki Clark's full 2017 conference message titled "Leading the Band from Where You Stand."  Vicki was such a popular speaker last year we are bringing her back for our 2018 Servant Leadership Conference "Shift Into Drive." We hope you enjoy the insights she has as she walks you through the 9 behaviors of a servant leader.  Be sure to head over to our registration site to sign up for our upcoming conference in February, 2018.  Enjoy!


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Graduating from Carlsbad’s Student Leadership Academy with Anisha Johnson

September 29, 2017

In this episode, we sit down with Anisha Johnson, a 17 year old high school senior who attended the first session of Carlsbad's Student Leadership Academy.  In this academy, students learn about their strengths and goals, as well as servant leadership, city government, and how they can make a difference in their community.  Anisha found so much success and growth in the first 10 week session that she decided to go into a deeper dive summer session.  Listen as she recounts her time in the academy and how it helped her build confidence. She has new perspectives on what makes a great leader, and how every citizen is able to participate in their local government.


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Leading for the Sake of Others with Steve Arter, Owner of Complete Medical Solutions

September 20, 2017

In this episode, thought leader Steve Arter, owner of Complete Medical Solutions, shares some very helpful tips and insights on building high performance teams. During this discussion led by SLI's president, Robin Swift, you'll learn what it takes to be a servant leader, how to be responsible, and what the greatest gift is that a leader can give their people.  We hope you'll be inspired by looking at the difference you can make when you lead for the sake of others.  Make sure to take notes on this one!




Implementing Servant Leadership with Beth Wrobel, CEO of HeathLinc

September 15, 2017

For this episode we had the priveldge of having a conversation with Beth Wrobel.  Beth first got introduced to servant leadership by attending our annual conference 4 years ago. She since has continued to attend each year and has been integrating SL concepts into her work life.  Beth is the CEO of HeathLinc community health center, and she is located in Indiana.  This was the first time that we were able to record a remote call interview, so unfortunetly the audio is a little rough and we apologize.  Reguardless, we know you will find much value in what Beth has to say about how servant leadership is improving her organization.  Enjoy!

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Hey Momma! Who are you serving first?

September 8, 2017

Lisa Courtemanche, Cassi Onori and Letty Green have all built careers serving others as personal and/or administrative assistants.  Moving from serving at work, to serving at home in their roles as Moms, these three know a great deal about what it takes to put others first.  During this conversation, these women explore the concept of serving first, the importance of listening to understand and the art of reflection as it pertains to thinking about our thinking.  Enjoy, this one is extra special!


What Makes a Good Leader? Ep. 1: Serving First

August 25, 2017

We are starting a new series called "What Makes a Good Leader?" where we will investigate what traits, behaviors and practices a good leader needs.  We start this series off defining what a leader is.  Later, we have a look into SLI's first servant leadership behavior "serving first" and the importance of self development.  Enjoy!


The Power of Story with Carol Malinski

August 17, 2017

In this episode, Carol Malinski and Bryan Malinski walk you through the SLI implementation Guide: The Power of Story, How to Promote a Culture of Servant Leadership through Storytelling.  They discuss the importance of telling stories within your organization and how story can help building identity, illustrate values, and inspire people within your organization.  If you are a servant leader, make sure you are using storytelling as the great tool it has the potential to be for you.  Enjoy!


The Power of Investing in Others w/ Ted Owen & Art Barter

August 9, 2017

In  this episode our founder and CEO Art Barter sits down with the President and CEO of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, Ted Owen, to discuss how he with his team has built and maintained such a successful chamber.  Listen as Ted and Art share about the power of adding value to others and meeting people where they are when serving them.  This podcast is full of amazing insight and reflection.  Enjoy!


Caring for Your Culture with Art Barter, Robin Swift, and Bryan Malinski

July 28, 2017

In this episode, we build from last week's conversation on accountability, and go into a discussion based around caring and maintaining your servant leadership culture at work.  Listen as SLI Founder & CEO Art Barter, SLI President Robin Swift, and Digital Media specialist Bryan Malinski talk about hiring in a servant led organization, building a trusting work environment and maintaining strong bonds with those you work with.  An organization's culture is fragile and needs constant attention. We hope you enjoy this episode. It's the longest podcast to date!