Servant Leadership Institute Podcast

Courageous Leadership with Art Barter and Kathy West of the Epilepsy Foundation

January 6, 2018

In this week's episode, SLI Founder and CEO Art Barter sits down with one of his personal heros Kathy West of the Epilepsy Foundation.  Through the conversation, they address how to help others and lead courageously through life's struggles.  Art has dealt with epilepsy all of his life and recounts how important Kathy has been in his life.  Kathy is a true servant leader that affects hundreds of people's lives affected by epilepsy and has also been an attendee at almost all of our annual conferences.  This is a great conversation, we hope you enjoy this podcast!


For more on the Epilepsy Foundation visit their website:

For details on our 2018 Servant Leadership Conference click here:


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