Servant Leadership Institute Podcast

Acting Out the Nine Behaviors of a Servant Leader with Art Barter, Robin Swift, and Carol Malinski

August 21, 2019

To celebrate our 100th podcast episode, we sat down with SLI founder and CEO Art Barter to gain some insight on how he exercises the Nine Behaviors of a Servant Leader throughout his day.  As Art lays out, it is important for servant leaders to look for opportunities throughout their day to serve first, build trust, live their values, listen to understand, think about their thinking, add value to others, demonstrate courage, increase their influence, and live their transformation. Thank you so much for listening and supporting us through 100 episodes. We hope you enjoy this episode!

We have a great free gift we would like to send you.  Email us at with the title 100th episode to receive a PDF of the Nine Behaviors of a Servant Leader.

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